Learn Focusing in Bristol

Learn new ways to find inner kindness, work with stuck patterns, make clear & intuitive decisions and finally feel at home in your own body

Why learn Focusing?
Is this you?:

You are easily thrown or confused by strong feelings.
Some aspect of your life is stuck and not moving forward, no matter what you do or know about it.
You want to find more creative ways to deal with life struggles that really work.
You have a sense that your body is telling you something but ignore it or do not know how to listen.
You feel like you are always "in your head" and when someone suggests listening to your heart or gut feeling, you don't know how?

Focusing is the art and skill of listening within, to your body or deeper knowing. It is natural, simple and yet profound, and once learnt is a skill for life.

What happens on my workshops?
We usually have around 8-12 participants, and they are a mixture of practice, teaching and informal discussion. Participants will practise Focusing in pairs or in small groups, with plenty of time for questions and discussion. There is an emphasis on safety and experiential learning.

Want to find out more before committing to a workshop.
You could sign up for a free seminar or listen to previous ones. You could try a one to one session, or perhaps you'd like to ask some questions through email or a phone call.

Introductory workshops
These workshops will introduce a practice known as “Focusing”. It is a gentle yet powerful skill that can bring clarity and aliveness to your life. Put simply it involves taking a embodied, curious, and interested awareness to your body and listening. It is a re ective practice that you learn for yourself and can be done on your own or in partnership with a friend or colleague. It can be woven into other practices in your life, such as mindfulness, healing practices and therapy.

If you learn to listen, you will see that something in you knows the way forward...

You will learn how to:
  • Develop the key qualities of curiosity, interest and inner kindness
  • Be safe and respectful with yourself and others in Focusing
  • The steps of the Focusing journey
  • Develop self-compassion
  • Practise Focusing on your own
  • Practise Focusing with someone else

Once you have learnt the basics you can go deeper with the Focusing Skills course or one of my advanced weekends

My introductory workshops and courses in Bristol for 2017:

18th - 19th March 2017
Listening to your inner wisdom
Venue: Fulcrum House, 3 Grove Road, Redland, Bristol. BS6 6UJ
Times: 10am–5pm Saturday, 10am-4.30pm Sunday.
Costs: £130
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