Beginners workshops and courses

When and where
In 2021 I am offering these online starting in January. In hope to begin in person courses in Spring 2021
Who is this for?
My workshops, courses and days are an ideal way to learn Focusing. They are a mixture of practice, teaching and informal discussion. Groups size is usually from 4 to 12 participants. Usually participants will practise Focusing in pairs or in small groups, with plenty of time for questions and discussion. Explore how to:

  • Live a life full of curiosity
  • Tune into your inner wisdom
  • Meet yourself and others with kindness and openness
  • Be with and understand strong emotion
  • Find what truly feels right for you and your life
  • Connect more deeply to yourself, others, and the world…

Some of the skills you will learn:

  • Develop the key qualities of curiosity, interest and inner kindness
  • Be safe and respectful with yourself and others in Focusing
  • The steps of the Focusing journey
  • Develop self-compassion
  • How to practise Focusing on your own
  • How to practise Focusing with someone else

Week by week themes (for online courses)

  • Week 1: Essential attitudes and qualities, keeping things safe and grounded, Focusing demonstration, Focusing steps simple practice sessions
  • Week 2: Listening with empathy, being with our feelings and parts
  • Week 3: Focusing on a theme or topic, deeper listening
  • Week 4: Meeting obstacles and inner critics, the languages of the body.
  • Week 5: Going deeper, next steps, Focusing alone, Focusing partnerships.

On weekend or day workshops we cover most of the material.
Online workshops cost £135 or £70 for one day events

Frequently asked questions about my introductory workshops

How many people come?
Usually somewhere between 6 and 12 people. I am often assisted by people who are training to teach Focusing.
Do you offer concessions?
Yes, please do get in touch with me to ask about concessions. I do not have a specific rate - it is worked out individually with you.
I am a therapist - is this course enough for me to offer Focusing to my clients?
These workshops are aimed at people wanting to explore and use Focusing in their personal life. You will learn some skills that can, with care, be applied in a therapeutic context. For more details on Focusing oriented therapy training see here.
Do you offer CPD certificates?
  • Yes, please let me know when you book or at the workshop.

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