The "shitty first draft" and on being with uncertainty and complexity


I came across this phrase "shitty first draft" from Brené Brown a few weeks ago and it really appealed to me. It captures how our stories about things can be pretty rough and well... shitty, a sketch that bears little resemblance to the actual reality.

A great example of this is perhaps when you turn up to a new event or meeting, and within minutes or shorter we can find ourselves having opinions about others: what kind of person they are, what they think of you... and so on, and this happens without us even speaking to them! Or we see a friend or colleague who is in a dark mood and we think it is to do with us - that we are to blame even. The story jumps in to fill the void of information. Brené Brown reckons this is a trait of our brain and nervous system

"Our brain hates ambiguity and uncertainty, so it makes a simple story. It doesn’t reward accuracy it just wants certainty."

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