Welcoming the guests. What wants attention part 2

In my last post, I wrote about how the simple invitation of “what wants attention” points to a deep and profound principle that lays at the heart of Focusing: that of letting the body lead the way. So what happens next? What does want attention when we open that space? Who shows up and why?

To begin, it is important to say that it doesn’t really matter who or what comes when we make that open invitation. It begins with acknowledging everything, whether we know what it is or not. I have learnt that everything inside appreciates acknowledgment! It does not have to be a “felt sense” as Focusers say. I often acknowledge all the thoughts that are buzzing around (even they have a quality you can describe), I might list in a general way the issues that are present or calling. I will say hello to whatever is there, being sure to include what we often call “resistance” or some part of me not wanting to do Focusing at all. It can take time to do this, which is fine. I often describe Focusing as a big inclusive space.
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