Radical acceptance | How every part of you is on your side

Weekend workshop in Lisbon, Portugal

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Mostly we avoid difficulties and tangled places in our lives, or we criticise and judge ourselves for having them. We may be troubled by compulsions, avoidance, despair and feel completely stuck…yet there is a way that could untangle this and offer lasting change and self compassion. What if every part of us was not an enemy to battled with but an ally to befriend and learn from. At the heart of Focusing is the truth that every part of you is on your side.
This weekend workshop will dive deeply into this truth exploring these themes and more:

  • Deep self compassion- Meeting inner critics
  • Untangling patterns of protection
  • Meeting strong feelings
  • Radical acceptance of all parts of ourselves
  • The map of stuckness and tangled areas of our lives
  • Developing presence and “Big self”
Friday April 8th - Sunday April 10th
Centro Upaya, Campolide, Lisbon, Portugal
Booking and more information.


Who is this for?
This course is for anyone whom has attended an introductory course with me or another teacher. Or anyone who knows the paired form of Focusing Practice.

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