“The body, in its infinite wisdom, knows its own way back to wholeness.”

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what people say about focusing...
  • ”I really enjoyed both of the courses that I attended with Peter. I found them to be truly profound and transformational. I would strongly recommend Peter's courses to anyone who is interested in self-development or self knowledge. .” Colin Agnew Psychotherapist 2018
  •  "I did three one to one sessions with Peter when I first discovered focusing, just to see if it was right for me. He is a very calm guide and created an atmosphere of acceptance which meant I felt very free to say and express my thoughts and feelings. I would definitely recommend him as a teacher and look forward to doing more of his workshops!” TX, Admin Assistant 2017
  • ”For me, focusing has felt like one of those occasional treats in life when something new transforms the world from within. Peter's calm, safe and clear style, together with his passion for the practice, awaken a kind curiosity to delve into one\'s inner reality and benefit from the wisdom uncovered. ”JLT, Quigong Teacher 2018
  • ”The deep listening course was a great introduction to focusing. Week by week another layer was added providing more insight into the technique. The course focused on experience rather than intellect, something I welcomed warmly. By using the words something in me, and a part of me feels made the sensations/emotions experienced easier to be with. The group was small and a place where whatever we were feeling was welcome. Peter holds space in a way which made me feel wonderfully held and allowed me to relax fully into the technique, he also has some pretty cool puppets which helped bring lightness and laughter to each week! A great and worthwhile investment! Thanks Peter.LR 2017
  • "I did the Introduction to Focusing course with Peter (Spring 2014) and absolutely loved it. Very gently Peter guided us through the philosophy behind and the practice of Focusing, always more than happy to answer questions and elaborate where necessary. The course was experientially, meaning that, although Peter explained sufficiently, we learned, step by step, by doing. This worked very well as there was, for me, an immediate sense of understanding and recognition. This course with Peter changed my life as I discovered there was so much more going on inside of me than I knew and could have imagined. Peter is calm and patient, clear, funny, and very warm and empathic. He is also very good in setting boundaries to make the course a safe place and, as such, set an example for setting up your own practice with a focusing partner." DDH,  PhD student
  • ”I participated in one of Peter's focusing courses in London a while ago. Peter is a fantastic teacher whose teaching is clearly based on very personal understanding of the benefits of this way of working. By combining focusing with Peter Levine's somatic experiencing approach, Peter is providing a very special understanding of how trauma can be processed through working with the body: research and understanding of this field now clearly demonstrates that words alone are often "not enough" to allow us to fully process and recover from some experiences.” V. Hobbs 2015
  • “Focusing works, even if you are not good at it, and even if you don't do it regularly. Whenever I want to feel relieved, self-worthy and relaxed, trusting myself again, focusing is something I can do on my own, just for me.” E.W Educational support
  • ”I enjoyed the workshops with Peter and gained a lot. He has a gentle inclusive and totally non judgemental style mixed with humour that makes him both an excellent facilitator and also an inspiring exponent of the work. Focusing is a process of tuning into what's happening, listening in to your own body wisdom and making changes.“ Hilary Farmer, psychotherapist 2013
  • “I loved my training with you and I have happy memories of your excellent courses and of your generosity sharing your own personal experience.  I think focusing is fantastic.  You are an exceptional teacher and I am really looking forward to being guided by you again” J.W. NHS administrator
  • Peter walks the talk in terms of how he teaches focusing: his teaching is warm, clear, creative, humorous and inclusive. His easy, naturalness led to a deeper listening to myself and others and a way of being with the richness of my inner experience, living the questions and not trying to find the answers. I am grateful to him for opening the door of focusing and inviting me and others in. Sraddhagita