The Way of Curiosity

Launching May 10th 2024: ebook and paperback
Available here, online and in your local bookshop

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THE WAY OF CURIOSITY is a personal and practical exploration and explanation of the practice and philosophy of Focusing. Focusing is in essence is a way of listening to the deeper wisdom we all have. A wisdom that is beyond our usual cognitive way of approaching our life. As a self help book, it aims to clearly and plainly explain this practice through the language and framing of curiosity. It uses short, experiential exercises to support the reader’s learning journey, starting with small moments of curiosity progressing to offering new ways to explore deeper existential topics such as death, belonging, dreams and spirituality. It is intertwined with real life examples from my own practice, quotes, poetry and anecdotes from over 18 years of teaching this practice.

The book is split into two parts; the first is a thorough and practical guide to building and developing curiosity about every aspect of ourselves. Part two is about applying this profound practise to specific and existential dimensions of our life.
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