One-to-one sessions

What I offer

I offer one to one sessions supporting you in your practice of Focusing.

  • Explore a specific issue that needs more time, depth and privacy
  • Explore an area that needs the skill of an experienced guide
  • Go deeper with your learning and explore topics
  • Learn how to companion in Focusing
  • Learning the basics to join one of my courses

Mainly I work with people who already know Focusing, but if you are newer, do get in touch as I may have space. As I don't offer open ended support, a maximum of twelve sessions is offered. If we have not met, we would meet first for a free 15 minute chat to see if what I offer is a good fit for you.

Where do they happen?
Online through zoom. I do offer in person sessions in Stroud at limited times, get in touch to enquire.

Sessions with my students
I have many students who can offer free or low cost sessions to newer people. Contact me for more details.


Sessions cost £60 or £150 for three (if purchased at the same time)

Low cost and concessions available on request.
Book and pay here
First book your times. Contact me for the link to my scheduler. If we have not met yet, please contact me to arrange an initial conversation. Sessions cost £60 or £150 for three (if purchased at the same time)

Payments can be made with the paypal button below or contact me to pay by bank transfer. The discount for booking three sessions is applied automatically when you add three sessions to the cart.

How is having Focusing sessions different from therapy?
Focusing can be a very useful skill to add to an existing therapy you might be involved in as a therapist or a client. See below to see how it is different from therapy.

Although Focusing is therapeutic and many therapists use Focusing as part of their work, having a session with a Focusing guide is not the same. Here are some of the ways you might find it different from many kinds of therapy:
  • You will not be asked to disclose details or history about the issues you’re working on, though you may share them.
  • You will not be diagnosed, or given advice about your life situations.
  • You decide if you want more sessions, how frequently and when to stop having sessions.
  • The emphasis is on your relationship with yourself and your body (rather than your relationship with me)

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