Nature connection & Focusing

After completing a foundation course (Call of the wild) in Environmental education with Wildwise and Schumacher College in Devon, and In 2023 I began my training to become a Forest Guide.

I'm excited to be exploring the meeting of Focusing and Nature Connection. Our body is nature, and is not separate from the natural world. Not only can we find wisdom inside our bodies but we can find it in our relationship to nature. As we listen within, we can also listen without. Perhaps like parts of inside call for our attention, the world calls for us to be with it.

In 2024, I am offering Forest Wisdom walks (aka Forest Bathing) To find out more visit my sister site

Dive deeper into your place in the natural world in an embodied way with these guided audio explorations. Take them with you into the the woods and wilds.

Rewilding the soul
Finding wisdom within & without

Sunday 3rd July 10-6pm, Near Stroud

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“Your body is not a machine, rather a wonderfully intricate interaction with everything around you, which is why it "knows" so much just in being." E. Gendlin
Would you like to reconnect to the natural world and open to its wisdom?
Are you missing a sense of belonging? to yourself and life?
Would you like to reclaim your wildness and wisdom?

For millennia, humans have walked into the wild in search of answers. They listened and opened to what we could call their intuitive wisdom. This day workshop in nature offers a chance to reconnect to this wisdom: that lives within us and all around us in the more-than-human world. Our day will draw on ancient practices from the world of nature connection and more recent teachings from an embodied practice known as Focusing. These both point to the human body being so much wiser and more connected than we know. They point to a different kind of knowledge and experiencing beyond the cognitive realm. They offer ways to reconnect with our belonging to a bigger system - that is full of mystery and intelligence.

On the day we will:

- Open our senses to the natural world
- Learn skills and ways to connect to the body and its wisdom
- Learn to open to the wilder and more intuitive sides of ourselves
- Meet and listen to the wisdom in nature, not from your mind but with your body
Where: We will spend the whole day around Standish Woods, Nr Stroud. Exact location and details will be shared on booking

Suitable for: open to anyone

Costs £75/£45 low waged /£25 concessions

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Nature's wisdom.
Exploring the wisdom in nature through focusing


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“Stand still. The trees ahead and bushes beside you Are not lost. Wherever you are is called Here, And you must treat it as a powerful stranger, Must ask permission to know it and be known.”

David Wagoner.
The practice of Focusing is often described as an inner process, where we open to a deeper knowing. But for hundreds of generations humans have taken their questions and troubles into the natural world, to the more than human world. They walked the land with open hearts and listened. They lived in an animate world where even the stones and rivers spoke.

On this day of being with the land, we will learn again how to be intimate and listen to the wisdom in nature. We will explore the possibility of deep connection to the more than human world. We will use the skills from Focusing and empathic listening to open and connect deeply to the wisdom in ourselves, each other and the natural world.
Where: Held in a beautiful wooded valley - Bourton Coombe, in West Bristol

Getting there: It's a 20 minute drive from central Bristol. There are regular buses and lift shares can be arranged from and back to Bristol

Suitable for:
open to anyone who knows the basics of focusing and listening

Cost £50 concessions available

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