2021-22 events calendar

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11th-12th December
Workshop 3: The art of guiding.
In person Bristol
January 2022
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Begins Monday 24th Jan
"Focusing and the more" with Ann Weiser Cornell
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Tuesday 25th Jan
Five Tuesday evenings 7-9.15
Module 2: The path of the companion. Online
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30th January
The mystery of death: online day retreat
February 2022
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12th-13th February
Workshop 4: Untangling the knots.
In person Bristol
March 2022
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12th-13th March 2022
Workshop 5: Healing and Transformation.
In person Bristol
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Tuesday 15th Mar
Five Tuesday evenings 7-9.15
Module 3: A helping hand. Online
April 2022
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Thursday 21st April
Six Thursday evenings 7-9.15
The dreaming body: Focusing and dreams
May 2022
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Tuesday 3rd May
Five Tuesday evenings 7-9.15
Module 4: Untangling the knots. Online
June 2022
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Tuesday 21st June
Five Tuesday evenings 7-9.15
Module 5: Healing and Transformation. Online
July 2022
September 2022
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Wednesday 14th September,
to Sunday 18th September
Wild belonging retreat
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Tuesday 20th September,
12 Tuesday evenings
7-9.15 UK time
Untangling the knots: Deep dive course begins
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Tuesday 21st September.
Five Tuesday evenings
7-9.15pm BST
Introductory course begins online
October 2022
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Wednesday 26th October
Seven Wednesday mornings 10-12.15.
The Landscapes of grief online course begins

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