2021 events calendar

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Sunday 24th January.
10-17 GMT
Introductory day online
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Wednesday 27th January.
Four Wednesday mornings
10-12.30 GMT
Introductory course begins online
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Tuesday 9th February
10-11am GMT
Welcoming grief together: Free webinar
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Tuesday 16th February.
6.30-7.30pm GMT
Treasure in dark places: Free webinar
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Tuesday 2nd March
Seven Tuesday morning 10-12.15 GMT
Landscapes of grief course begins
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Tuesday 2nd March,
12 Tuesday evenings
Untangling the knots: Deep dive course begins
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Wednesday 10th March
Five Wednesday mornings 10-12.15 GMT
Module 2: The path of the companion. Online
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Thursday 11th March
11-12 GMT
How to lose it less with your kids: Free seminar
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21st March
The deep mystery of death
Half day workshop
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Wednesday 25th March.
7-8.10pm GMT
Untangling the knots
Freedom from compulsion, avoidance and resistance : Free webinar
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Thursday 22nd April.
Six Thursday mornings
11-1.15pm GMT
How to lose it less with your kids: Six week course begins
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Wednesday 28th April
Five Wednesday mornings 10-12.15 GMT
Module 3: The art of guiding. Online
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Monday 4th May.
Four Monday evenings
The inner compass: Focusing and decisions - Online course begins
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31st May
Enter the wild (online and solo adventure in nature)
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Wednesday 16th June
Five Wednesday mornings 10-12.15 BST
Module 4: Radical acceptance. Online
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Monday 27th July
7-8.15pm BST
Welcoming the exiles: Free online seminar
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Thursday 9th September,
to Sunday 12th September
Wild belonging retreat
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Tuesday 21st September.
Five Tuesday evenings
7-9.15pm BST
Introductory course begins online
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Wednesday 22nd September
Five Wednesday mornings
10.12.15 BST
Module 5: Healing and Transformation. Online
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Thursday 23rd September,
12 Thursday mornings
10-12.15 BST
Untangling the knots: Deep dive course begins
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26th-27th September
Workshop 3: A helping hand. online
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Wednesday 30th September.
Five Wednesday mornings
10-12 GMT
Introductory course begins online
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16th-17th October
Introductory weekend: Bristol
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24th-25th October
Workshop 4: Untangling the knots. Online
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Tuesday 2nd November
Seven Tuesday evenings
The landscapes of grief
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13th-14th November
Workshop 2: The path of the companion. Bristol
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21st-22nd November
Workshop 5: The path to wholeness. Online
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Thursday 26th November
How to not lose it with your kids: Free online seminar
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11th-12th December
Workshop 3: The art of guiding. Bristol

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