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The magic of the body’s wisdom

Find answers, possibility and healing through listening to the body

Beneath our reactive thoughts and conflicted feelings is a place of deep knowing and wisdom. You may have glimpsed this in intuitive moments or dreams, but did you know there was an everyday way to access this wisdom? Your body!. This is your doorway. These free events will introduce you to a practice known as Focusing that opens this doorway. Once learnt, this practice is yours for life - to be practiced on your own or in dyads or in everyday moments. With it, you can find new and insightful ways forward in stuck areas of your life, it can help with decision making and self understanding. It helps is to access self compassion and bring emotional healing. Your body knows more than you think.
Free online seminar
Tuesday 30th August 2022
Please register through zoom below
Free in person talk
Thursday 22nd September 2022
Hamilton House, Bristol, BS1 3QY
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