Befriending the inner critic
Finding treasure and freedom in meeting the critic.

Four week online course
Begins 19th June 7-9pm
Open to all

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Many of us are plagued by what we call the inner critic; this harsh and judging overseer that only creates pain and self doubt. It is hard not to believe what it says and so we limit our lives. We are told to ignore it or push it away, neither of which work for long, if at all. What if there was a radically different way to meet this side of oneself?

This course will share tools from Focusing to help us to meet and befriend our inner critic.  We will discover how the inner critic comes into being and why it happens. Surprisingly, we will also discover that there is also great treasure to be found here. Even more amazing is that we will discover a way to feel completely at home in ourselves, where all aspects of us are welcome.
By the end of the course you will have learnt:

  • Accessing your compassionate self
  • How to meet critical voices with curiosity and kindness
  • How to be with those parts of us that feel bad
  • Types of critics and their 3 secrets!
  • How to find freedom, self worth and deep self compassion
  • Finding inner guidance

Who is this for?
  • Anyone who struggles with critical voices and harsh self judgements
  • Anyone who feels held back and limited by narrow self beliefs and stories
  • Anyone who wants to find a sense of inner peace

(Illustration by Colette Cameron)
Wednesdays: June 19th - July 10th
7-9pm BST

Booking and more information.


• The course will include some guided practices, but no partnership practice
• The course will be recorded for sharing later on as an on demand video course.

COST £85/45 concessions

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