Navigating life
Follow your inner compass

Four week online course
Begins 5th March 7-9pm GMT
Open to all

Free seminar on 20th Feb - register here

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How would it be to navigate our life from our deepest truths and values?

How can we find a way ahead with our decisions and life direction amidst so many outer and inner voices?

Inside each of us is a deep sense of what would feel right for us in our lives. We may not listen but is it there! I call this the "inner compass" It can help us to navigate both day to day decisions but also transform the arc of our life. With it, we can always find our way back to a more fulfilling life and navigate the obstacles and inevitable challenges that come our way.

This four week, online course, will help us to recognise the inner compass and listen to its guidance and wisdom. Some themes we will explore:

  • How to find that part of us that "knows"
  • Working with decisions
  • Sensing life forward energy
  • Navigating obstacles and tangles
  • Purpose, meaning and direction

“Your body always tends in the direction of feeling better. Your body is a complex, life-maintaining system. Often, we feel so much wrong that we come to accept those bad feelings as the basic state of things. But it is not. The bad feeling is the body knowing and pushing toward what good would be. Every bad feeling is potential energy toward a more right way of being if you give it space to move toward its rightness...”
Tuesdays: March 5th - 26th
7-9pm GMT

Booking and more information.


• The course will include some guided practices, but no partnership practice
• The course will be recorded for sharing later on as an on demand video course.

COST £85/45 concessions

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NOTE: If you have trouble paying please contact me for bank details. I am having technical issues with some payments

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