Nature based days

Befriending the wild edge
(with Liam Thomas)

Saturday 14th Oct 10-5pm, New Bridge, Devon

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“May your soul be at home where there are no houses” Ursula le Guin.
Throughout human history the wilderness has been honoured and revered as teacher, ally and kin. In such spirit, we invite you to join us in shedding the layers of domestication and drop into an oft forgotten sacred realm. Here we may open our being to the wisdom of nature both within and all around us. We’ll be calling in the possibility of profound insights, deep peace and awe, as we cultivate an attitude of receptivity and curiosity towards our present moment experience in the wild.

Using a combination of nature connection and practices from  "Focusing", you may encounter surprising and touching gifts as you befriend the wild edges of what’s known.


On the day we will:

  • Learn how to return to a relaxed & receptive baseline state in nature.
  • Expand our field of awareness to perceive our inner and outer experience more deeply.
  • Explore the possibility of communing with the natural world.
  • Have the chance to explore a theme or issue in our lives with the support of nature as a witness, container and wisdom bearer.
  • Cultivate reverence for the wildness within and around us.
About Liam

Starting at an early age, Liam’s experience of being in the natural world has been one of familiarity, joy, peace & refuge. This truth has shaped his path through adult life. He’s worked as an outdoor educator, a mountain leader, and nature connection facilitator since 2007. Over time, this journey has taken him from the more gross experience of spending time in the outdoors, to a more subtle and soulful connection. His current enquiry lies in employing the skills of Focusing to explore the natural world of animate beings and elements, and the magic that arises from that juicy mix.
Where: We will spend the whole day in a Dart Valley in Devon. Beginning at Newbridge. Exact location and details will be shared on booking

Suitable for: Open to anyone

Questions? Contact me

Costs £65/£40 low cost
Pay through paypal/stripe below or contact me to pay by BACS

POSTPONED Until spring 2024

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