How change happens and letting go of the big shift


Imagine we're in a landscape or somehow custodians of a landscape and there's a river running through it. Imagine that this river is not healthy. Maybe it's causing flooding. Or maybe it’s eroding or even poisoning the landscape. It’s lack of health itself affects other parts of that landscape, affecting the animals and plants around it and so the whole ecosystem is struggling because the river that feeds it is not all ok.

Imagine too that we know that something needs to change, that the river and the landscape isn't healthy. So how might we change it? Read More...

Three teachings from my dog


Over recent months I have been struck and moved by sensing and listening to what I am calling an animal level of sensing. Meeting it has brought self compassion and a deeper trust in the body’s wisdom. What do I mean by this animal level? Eugene Gendlin is quoted as saying “we are at least plants” a quote I love by the way and I want to extend this by saying we are at least dogs (or maybe cats if you are a cat person) So to illustrate this level of experiencing, I want to share three teachings from my dog (pictured above): Read More...

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