Open the door!


Imagine a room in your house, filled with broken furniture, dusty boxes full of old files and who knows what, old toys and unwanted gifts pile up in every spare corner. Dust settles on all of it. It is the kind of room you might rarely enter, or just for a moment to dump something else in it. Maybe you have a room like this in your own home (or a cupboard or draw)? In this space nothing really changes from year to year.

Many issues in our life can feel like this. They have the same familiarity and that same stale unvisited or forgotten quality. It might be some old issue that's been bothering you for years, a physical symptom perhaps, a "hang up", an old dream of achieving something or a family dispute. We might even think we know them well. But do we? We may desperately want to shift something but the task of sorting that room out seems overwhelming.

Do you know what? We don't have to "sort it out"? (or at least right now) All we need to do is open the door, and maybe a window and let in some fresh air.

That's all there is to it. Just open up the room and take some kind awareness there, not with the intention of fixing or shifting or resolving, but with the simple intention of letting in a little light or fresh air. Too often we get stuck by thinking " I have to sort ALL of that out so I won't even start looking" but that thought really comes from a part of us that is probably worried. Our bigger self is ok with taking a look without any big agenda. It can be curious. It can peek in the door.

And suddenly the whole room feels different, maybe a next step does come, maybe not, but a small but transformative event has occurred. You opened the door and let in some fresh air.
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